Not a great start to the day. I woke up at 6:08am and felt super super cold. My mind decided it was best to a shower. So I got up and went to take one. I think I took the hottest shower in my life. I ended up sitting on the bathtub floor letting the water hit my back and rub down for 45 minutes. It was so hot my fingers couldn’t handle more than two seconds under. My back was fine though and it was realizing. Then I decided t was time to get it finally. 

And your mind and body know when your about to vomit. I quickly threw my hair into a towel and sure enough a few heives came out of me. Luckily no food and stuff. I wanna say stomach acid but I don’t know and I don’t care. I do feel a lot better though. Not as cold as my throat doesn’t hurt. Just a little cough and my nose is stuffy but I’ll manage. 
I didn’t sleep good at all except for one part. However the majority of the night was me tossing and turning because I didn’t want to breath through my mouth and my nostrils were filled. 
The one part I slept sounded is when I had a dream. And guess who was in the dream? Grant. 

Grant is a sharp young, blue eyed, blonde boy, I go to school with. We’ve been on several dates and have it off with each other. But no we are not dating. He is not my boyfriend and he will clearly tell anyone I am not is girlfriend. There is a reason for this and it will be revealed. 
But in the dream. It was very nice. It was a school event and we were on the bus together sitting together. And we ended up holding hands. In the dream we must of been dating. Because every time we were together in private we held hands. Nothing more. No kissing and no touching other than the hands. And I really liked it. That’s basically the whole dream. 

But I slept so soundly in that dream. Perfectly. 
Typing this all out those has made me feel better. I’m still tired but I don’t feel that sick. Although I will be condemned to home because my parents obviously heard me in the bathroom. But oh well. I don’t have school tomorrow so it works out 

Jan 2, 2017