Story time: 

So there was this girl name, KayAnn who was at work and it was her last day. And honestly she didn’t want to go to work that day. But she did and she glad she did. She worked for a show in the photo department. As people came in they would wait in a like come into her room and take a photo and on their way they would go. She saw thousands of faces a day and honestly didn’t remember many. How could she? 

But there was one boy who remembered hers. As he came through the line he honestly didn’t want to take a photo he just wanted to get the show as soon as possible. However he didn’t want to be rude so he waited in line. He got to the door of the photo room and he saw her. He sort of listened and watched her as she recited she said something she repeated the whole day. Told him to stand on a line and smile and on his way he went. Now she was cute. Long brown hair with highlights. Green eyes. She didn’t seem interested but she was at work she probably just wanted the day to end. He went on his way to the show and he found his mind a little distracted. So he left the show a little early and headed back down to the photo area and hoped so see her. And sure enough he did. 

It was her last day so she had just turned in her uniform and was in normal cloths. Leggings and a cute blosse. She had decided to treat herself to some sort of shake after work. So she was heading out. And right as she was exciting her photo room she ran into him. 

“Can I help you sir?” She asked and not even on the clock she acted polite and wanted to help if she could. She thought maybe he had lost something or needed something. But his cheeks turned red and he just smiled. 

“No I just-.” He cut off and he had no idea what he was doing or going to say. “Can I have your number?” He spoke quickly. 

She sort of just stared. Looking him up and down. He was a vet attractive boy. She herself thought she was just an ugly little teenager. 

“How about I give you my Snapchat?” She offered and pulled out her phone. 

He nodded and they swapped information 

“My name is KymBrah.” She spoke and shook his name. 

“Kyle. Pleasure to meet you.” His cheeks still red as he walked away. He felt more accomplished as he left. 


Story over. 

This is the pretty picture I have painted for everyone who I tell about Kyle. But it is all fiction. Kyle is a real person. But this little story is not true. How I really met him will be written next post