So how I really met Kyle. 
Weeks ago. I’m not sure. About a month? 

I met Kyle. I didn’t meet him some cute fancy movie way like I described in the post before. 

We met on the internet chat site: Omegle. And I’m going to be honest. Blunt and truthful because I want to be honest about what’s going on in my life. 
I went on Omegle seeking some RP (role play) just some good fun. I wanted to play a Neko and wanted some good fun. Even sexual. But just RP and no nudes. So I typed up a little thing and posted it to a few chats on Omegle. Then comes along this 18 year old boy. And he offers and stuff. And we RP and it’s fun. He doesn’t even ask for it to get sexual. Which was fine by me. I liked the cute stuff. 
So that’s how we met. 

And then we actually began to talk. Like conversations and get to know each other. 
He is so nice. Like an honest good guy. We call on the phone all the time. We text daily. (Which me and Grant never do) 
I really enjoy having him. He makes me happy. He calls me cute names. He loves 6 hours away from me and I really want to meet him. 
Thanks for reading! 

Also if there are anything you guys want to read or know about let me know! I can tell how me and Grant met. Or more about Kyle. Or other things. About my religion. Or my hobbies. Anything! Honestly just ask! 

Jan 3, 2017