I only tilted this that because I’m listening to the song. 
But I need help. 
So lately with Grant things are- weird? Better? I’m not sure. 
Like we are talking and sort of acting normal. But I don’t have feelings for him anymore. Like I don’t get that butterfly feeling when he talks to me. Or I’m not constantly thinking about him when I’m not with him. 

But things seemed to be how they were and I don’t understand why I don’t feel that way. 
Maybe because it’s Kyle. I mean I sort of like Kyle even though we haven’t met. He is so nice to me and gives me so many compliments. We talk on the phone and grant never does that. 

Although Grant did get a new number today and he told me I was the first person he texted. So I feel a little special. 

The one thing is and I’m afraid of this. Is that I keep acting like I like him. Like when his sister asked about him. I acted flirty and said good things as if I like him. But I don’t really think I feel that way? 

Like I’m not sure. 

And I’m confusion myself on what I want. It’s one big headache. 

Any advice? 

Jan 10, 2017